iSAHA is a dynamic team of experts that prides itself in providing comprehensive management and business solutions to a wide range of clients.   We are a compact team and take full advantage of our ability to be flexible and movable, enabling us to respond fast and effectively to service requirements.  Our team members share amongst them many years of complimentary experience, and have worked together as a unit on various projects.  We have established solid and healthy relations within the team as well as with other experts whose skills are complimentary to the services we provide.  We are therefore strongly positioned to provide comprehensive solutions, informed and developed by an array of expertise.


Although our skills and expertise can be applied across a wide range of market sectors, our main focus is on the local and international transport and health sectors, while we also provide expert corporate advisory services.  Our specialist advisory services range from transaction advisory, business and management solutions, government processes and services and technical advisory services. Our service offerings are complimented by certain skills and support services we have and provide, in order to ensure top quality solutions and deliverables.


We seek to establish long-lasting strategic and professional business relationships with our clients as it allows us to remain globally connected and continuously share our insights and knowledge on changes and developments taking place in the rapidly changing market place within which we operate.