Our Partners

The Transport Forum

The Transport Forum is a highly representative and nationally recognised platform for thought leadership by organisations and individuals who are active in the transport and logistics industry, as well as individuals who have the interests of the transport industry at heart.

iSAHA has been a proud sponsor of Transport Forum events for a number of years and remains dedicated to this worthy cause.  We also regularly participate in TF discussions by presenting topics of current relevance in the transport arena or by inviting experts to address the forum and lead discussions.

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Sakhiwo Health Solutions

Sakhiwo Health Solutions and iSAHA have established a long-standing business relationship and are currently working together on various projects involving the upgrade of health care facility infrastructure locally and internationally.

Sakhiwo provides all-inclusive health facilities infrastructure development solutions, including ancillary advisory services, customised for the health industry, with special focus on bringing first class solutions to developing countries, while iSAHA provides complimentary services as experts in ICT infrastructure-, systems- and business process design.

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Southern Africa Shippers Transport and Logistics Council

iSAHA is a registered council member of the SASTALC.

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